A New Heritage

Combining the old with the new, Benoît de Gorski forges ahead with the creative vision of his daughter Constance de Gorski.

Benoit de Gorski

Watchmaking and jewellery runs in the family blood.

My grand father Constantin de Gorski was Baume&Mercier boss from 1947 to 1958, my great-grand father Carlo Ponti a Jeweller in Italy and my great great grand father Jules Perrier, administrator of Patek Philippe, they showed the way to my father who started as a watchmaker for Longines aged 18.
He decided to found his own brand BENOIT DE GORSKI in 1980, creating high jewellery pieces for a knowledgeable and tasteful international clientele.

He immediately understood the importance of watches and multi brands boutiques, allowing clients to diversify.

Redifining beauty.
Dare to be Unique.
Constance de Gorski

With a trained eye and his taste, my dad was discovering brands before they became renowned, like Blancpain, Ebel, Gerald Genta, and Hublot.

Bédat & co was discussed and concerted before it was even born, Christian Bédat, the founder, being a family friend, my father even designed the hands of the dials. And we were, in 1997, the first boutique to present the collection, selling almost one per day.

I am proud to continue my family heritage, and so happy to have the support and friendship of all the brands I present in my boutique.

Combining modern production techniques
with evolving trends.

Constance preserves the family legacy by creating a new chapter in jewellery designed to adapt to change. In tailoring this new approach she embraces traditional craftsmanship and combines modern production techniques with evolving trends.

By moving forward, Constance is raising the bar of contemporary jewellery, capturing powerful emotions that cater to her customers’ diversity in style. Leading the way, she drives
the spirit of ‘daring to be unique’ while delivering the courage to (re)define personal style.

Preserving the family tradition is important. But to move forward is just as vital and meaningful. Constance de Gorski is breaking the boundaries by creating a new standard in contemporary jewellery energized with a newfound passion built on everlasting beauty for modern times.

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